Natural Light For Photography

Unless you are trying to be artistic, shooting in the natural light is a great idea. We are not talking about turning off the flash. We are talking about the lights that help your camera take photos that look natural. It can be the artificial light that looks quite like natural light.

If your main light source is the flash, make sure you balance the ambient light. As a general rule, the exposure should be around 2 f/stops higher than ambient light. However, you can break the rule if you think it will work better.

Even if the exposure is adjusted properly, you still need to make the lighting look natural. You can diffuse or bounce the light, which will soften it up. Also, you may want to opt for a large diffuser.

It’s better to make use of gels instead of the flash to make the ambient light blend with the flashlight. It will keep the flash color look natural. Aside from this, we use a grid. This will make the light focus on the target and won’t let it spill over.

For great results, we suggest that you use a flash off-camera, especially if you are going to shoot a portrait. Typically, when I am on the move, I use the on-camera flash because I don’t usually travel with an assistant or light stand.

What I do is fix my camera on my quality tripod, hold the flash in my hand while taking the photos of butterflies and bugs. This gives me great results all the time. I am quite sure it will work fine if you are going to photograph people. However, I don’t carry a trip when I go out to photograph people.

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